Frequently Asked Questions 

Get to know NYIOA, and aromatherapy, better. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, we’re happy to answer questions the old-fashioned way.

Is aromatherapy a real therapy?

Absolutely. While it can mean many things to many people, as we teach it at NYIOA, aromatherapy is an advanced, scientific, healing discipline. We also call it “aromatic plant healing.” It’s a practice that does engage your sense of smell, but it also calls upon your other senses, acquired chemical and plant intelligence, and intuition that can only be gained in practice or treatment.

Do you offer any online classes?

No, we only offer live, in-person courses and workshops. In fact, we’re the only professional training center for aromatherapy and organic skin care formulation in the NYC and tri-state area.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! For the Level One program, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required first, and then the balance can be paid off in installments up to the date of the first class. For the advanced program, students have the option of paying in three installments. Payments must be received by the first day of each new module.

Do you offer NYS licensed massage therapist continuing education units?

Yes! The NYIOA is a partner school with The School for Aromatic Studies ( Under their title, we can offer NYS LMTs CEUs through the NCBTMB and the New York State Board of Massage Therapy.

Once I complete the certification program, will I be able to start a practice?

The Level One certification program provides students with a comprehensive and dynamic foundation in the practice of aromatherapy—meaning that if you have an existing practice in another modality, the material from the Level One program can be a extremely valuable addition to your practice.  

If you hope to start your own practice solely as an Aromatic Plant Practitioner /Aromatherapist, the Level One program can prepare you well to start—but we encourage students to consider continuing on to our Advanced Clinical Practitioner Program, as that course covers, in much more depth, the therapeutic and practical applications of over 100 essential oils for a myriad of physical and psychological issues.

Can I use my own essential oils?

For the Level One program, we require that all students purchase from our Student Materials Kit. Why? Because it’s essential to the program that the group experience the essential oils together. Making sure that we’re all smelling the same essential oils from the same batch means we can learn to discern and detect the subtle aromatic notes, and differences between oils that come from different places and are extracted via different methods.

The kit includes 20 authentic and genuine essential oils, nut and seed oils, herbal infused oils, butters and waxes, and hydrosols, along with empty containers and bottles.  

All of the other courses and workshops, however, including the Advanced Clinical Practitioner Program, don’t require students to purchase kits.

Can I buy your oils online?

Not quite yet. We hope you’ll explore all the beautiful oils on our site, but currently you can only pick them up and pay at our Apothecary, within the school.